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Whales rocking the market?

Whales rocking the market?

"Miners have begun to sell BTC," Ji-Young Koo, CEO of South Korean on-chain analytics firm CryptoQuant, told X. "They've started to sell BTC. Miners are sending BTC to institutions, mainly through OTC trading desks. This is clearly sell-side liquidity, and it could cause the market to move sideways for months."

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Whales withdraw 100,000 BTC from exchanges in two weeks
According to Cryptoslate, crypto on-chain data analytics firm Glassnode recently reported that "whales holding more than 1000 BTC have withdrawn approximately 100,000 BTC from exchanges in the past two weeks. The number of whale addresses slightly increased from 1513 to 1563 during this period."

"FTT whales rock the price on 'FTX retracted reopening' issue"
"FTT price plunges 35% in a short time," SpotOnChain reports via X. "Who's selling? Who's selling? FTX, Alameda Research, which holds 76% of the total supply of FTT, hasn't sold in the past two months despite the price rising to $5.5. There hasn't been much on-chain movement in the last few hours, with the bulk of the trading occurring through exchanges. With limited supply, whales are capitalizing on the 'FTX exchange plans to reopen' issue."